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Due to the Townsville floods and associated recovery process

classes will be postponed over the coming months.

Experience the joy of sewing and design

Sewing classes

Is sewing a lost art? We hope not! Kharico sewing sessions are all about having fun and enjoying the challenge of creating something of your very own.

Our sewing classes are designed to be fun and companionable and all equipment is provided. You’ll enjoy learning to sew (or refining your skills) on quality Elna machines and overlockers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been tinkering at home for years or never even picked up a needle, we cater to all skill levels and all kinds of projects.

And you? You’ll experience the joy of creating something yourself. It’s a powerful feeling, and satisfying too. You’ll learn and develop skills which are scarcely ever used in these days of mass production.

We’ll match your capability with the project, keeping frustration to a minimum yet still allowing you to create something gorgeous.

Our sessions include sewing machine operation and also teach you how to cut out patterns, use an overlocker and hand stitch.

We specialise in after school and school holiday programs and have a large selection of projects we know can be completed within the class time. Which is so important to for anyone just learning a new skill.

We also encourage people who have schooling only as a memory to join in as well. We particularly welcome those new to Townsville. It can be a daunting task coming to grips living in the North.

Enjoy socialising over a coffee (or tea) while learning heaps of sewing tips and tricks. You’ll find these skills come in handy for practical things like school uniform adjustments, and of course for larger projects like making your own clothes or designing your own fashion. Or your project could be making quilts and bedding for yourself or family members. We’re not going to tell you what to make, instead we let you explore the opportunities and enjoyment sewing offers. (And we are happy to make suggestions if you need them.)

Want to know more? Contact Dianne to find out what classes are available now.

Ergonomic Fashion

Dianne Hodge, the creator of Kharico is also on her own creative journey as she continues to work towards a Graduate Honours degree at James Cook University which focuses on the design of fashion items according to specific ergonomic design principles. The intention is to create a range of on trend clothing pieces designed specifically for those with injuries or illnesses such as breast cancer, and other conditions who find it hard to find ready made clothing that fits. Dianne plans to complete her PhD in the coming years.

Find out more about Dianne here.

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